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In a traditional fish village by the sea in the magnificent municipality of Chania,in an emposing amphitheatrical place with breathtaking sea view and quiet,designed by one of the most famous Greek architects, prof. Aristomenis Varoudakis we created 2 villas ,villa ELENI and villa ATHINA.

Both of them called “RAVDOUCHAEPAVLIS”. Both names-given for the sake of the daughters of the owner-refer directly to ancient Greece. Helen the bone of contention of the Trojan war and the godess Athena.

We chose a site in an unspoilt Mediterranean landscape, without interference of tourist and oriented natural beauty, we created the conditions for the relaxation of the visitors.

The Helen and Athena villas are unique architectural masterpieces, surpassing in style the standard,breaking the repetive routine of holiday villas.

Located in “Cape Spada” ,overlooking the bay of Kissamos and the forgotten castles of pirates in “Gramvousa”,causing yourself to daydream, as if suddenly appear ships and pirates!!!
An ideal place for families with children, friendly couples and Honeymooners.

Ravdoucha epavlis villa

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