Are you planning your holiday at villa ATHINA or villa ELENI , but you are worried because you are 8-10 persons & the one villa doesn’t suit to you ? No problem. Book both of them & get  advantages comparing  with a big one.

  1. You will not squeeze in one room of a big  villa .
  2. You will not be bored, breaking the monotony of the one room,with visiting & having for example BBQ either in the special space of V.Athina or of V.Eleni.
  3. You will not use only one pool but two.
  4. You will be able to use the comfort of the one or other villa,for example the piano & the outdoor hot tub of V.Eleni can be enjoyed by the guests of V.Athina!
  5. You will not be crowded outside of the GYM or SAOUNA from the one villa, because you can use them in both villas separately !
  6. Also we can discuss about a discount to the actual prices.

We very much look forward to welcoming you at “RAVDOUCHA EPAVLIS” & remain to your disposal .


10 +1 Reasons to visit us!

  1. We are a family owned super luxury villas company that offers authentic CRETAN HOSPITALITY.
  2. PARTICULAR AND UNIQUE architectural work of the distinguished architect Professor M.VAROUDAKIS.
  3. Anthropocentric construction with HOME ATMOSPHERE and friendly to man constructions materials.
  4. COMFORT & LUXURY are for us not a word empty of content.
  5. GYM,SAUNA,PIANO,OUTDOOR HOT TUB, elements that complete the cycle of an unforgettable stay!
  6. LOCATION an excellent location to explore top Cretan Beaches such us Balos, Gramvousa, Elafonisi, Falasarna! A hill side location is just high enough for to lay claim to a stunning PANORAMA OF KISSAMOS BAY.
  7. With the unparalleled “bird’s eye view”,you can enjoy dreamy & unforgettable SUNSETS, endless blue  skies touching upon the dark blue sea in the horizon and breathtaking views that can mesmerize even the most demanding visitor.
  8. Excellent REVIEWS from happy guests.
  9. We are awarded from” W.T.A “(World travel awards, the OSCAR for turism), Greece’s Leading  Luxury Private villa and from “GOHOTELS”,Outstanding Service ,Award.
  10. We have the flexibility to answer very quickly to your question or enquires .
  11. We can provide any type of service to make your stay comfortable! HEALTH problem during your stay? There is DR. in the family 24h for you!
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Do you want to visit Ravdoucha Epavlis?

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