Dear guest,

  • AIR CONDITION: Pls close doors & windows for use. Air-conditioning works in such way that cools the area in just few min.only.Villa’s policy is that for safety reasons the electrical appliances must be TURNED OFF, when nobody is in the villa.This policy is used for the pricing of the villa as well.Be careful when using cooking appliances,heaters,or other fire hazards.
  • Lock the door & close the window when you leave the property.
  • Be careful when using cooking appliances, heaters, or other fire hazards
  • PLS ,Treat the property like your own home.
  • Additional charges may apply for any lose or damages.

For your cooperation we all thank you very much in advance.

We wish you wonderful & pleasant stay!

Warm regards Family Manousaki . 


Dear guest,

  • INTERNET: Ravdoucha is a small village & there is no cable internet infrastructure, for this reason we use satelite internet “BIG BLU company”. Internet Code: Ravdoucha123
  • GARBAGE: For your garbage you can use the trash bins, that you find everywhere. GREEN for trash & BLEU for paper.
  • SUN UMBRELLAS: Pls soon after using the sun umbrellas to close them, because the wind they would break & destroy.
  • RAIN : in case of rain pls place pillows & mattresses inside the villa, so you can reuse them after the rain.
  • OUTDOOR HOT TUB(V.ELENI): Pls use Hot tub without sun oil or shampoo & after SHOWERING. After use cover it with lid to keep the water clean & temperature.
  • PLS treat the property as your own house .
  • Additional charges may apply for any lose or damages. DEAR VALUED GUESTS, FOR YOUR COOPERATION WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!
Ravdoucha epavlis villa

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